Sunday, February 10, 2008

More fall out from RW

The positive outcome of all this is that Williams' aim of trying to advocate different laws for the religious has fallen flat on its face. people clearly feel there should be one law for all and that law should not be overly influenced by religion.

We are effectively a secular country. For most people religion means little more than a vague belief in 'something more' and somewhere to get married or buried, though less and less so all the time.

We don't like extreme religion and think it should stay in the private sphere for those who wish to believe it.

And RW has ensured no more religionist opt-outs and the slow death of those that remain - for that we should thank him.

Conservative religionists are livid because it has displayed how very far they are from achieving their Christian conservative theocracy.

I think it is entirely wrong to try and enforce religious or any other values therough the back door - we should be aiming for plurality and choice.

But it has also showed how little people and particularly the Press bother to read what people actually say unless it is in simple soundbites.

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