Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First blog of the year

I'm really not doing too well at this, am I?

Anyway, a few thoughts.

Let's start with vomiting. By all accounts it is regarded as the world's most unpleasant sound.

Clearly, those who cited that example must be regular churchgoers, for the sound of vomit is the only think which comes to mind in listening to their latest garbage

We have the arrant hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican plc, who deliberately covered up child abuse,pretending to have a position relating to 'morality' regarding adoption.The Catholic Church shouldn't be allowed any where near children . In addition, I do not believe that any self-respecting gay person should want to do anything with the Catholic church other than copiously vomit at its sheer evil and hypocrisy.

As for Rowan Williams. Well, what a pathetic specimen he is.This is the man who used to live next door to a gay couple, one a priest, bringing up a child with severe learning difficulties. This is also the man willing to sacrifice his friend because of institutional homophobia.

Williams, there is no-one in the world I despise more than you. You have no principles, you are a windbag who writes impressive looking, meaningless garbage. But you have nothing worth saying, and you are quite incapable of offering any sort of inspiration or leadership. Do us all a favour and piss off, eh?

I shall never return to the church until it splits and discards the nonsense it promulgates to the unthinking and deluded. No, lets be honest. I'm not going back to the church. I'm better off without it

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Karin said...

Having read the following on MadPriests blog, one of the earlier entries this Friday, I have some sympathy for Rowan Williams amongst visions of an adaptation of the Yes Minister/Prime Minister programmes called Yes Archbishop:

When Rowan Wiliams was appointed, I remember there was some disquiet about the staff at Lambeth Palace. Because of the length of time George Carey had spent in office he had managed to replace all the key staff members with people sympathetic to his own view of what the Church should be. The CofE system does not allow an incoming primate to dismiss the existing staff.

Since being in office the Grand Tufti has had no choice other than to rely on George's people for advice and research. A strong willed archbishop like Carey would be able to cope with this situation and make adjustments to the advice given, accordingly. But the Grand Tufti was chosen for his mildness and it seems obvious to me that he has not been able to stand his own ground when faced with unanimous contrary advice from his staff.

The Anglican Communion is being run by a an unelected steering group that is following an agenda set well before the arrival of the present archbishop.