Sunday, July 16, 2006

Its one way to make a living....

Exam marking. Lots of it, hence not many blog entries.

Dorothy took her first wander out of the house today - Mum came down and we had a barbecue so we thought we would try her out in the back garden, which seemed to go well enough.

Some thoughts on items in the news.
Blair and Buying honours. Its always gone on. The Tories certainly don't want the police digging about in their records either. There are two answers. First, much lower caps on total spending along with, if needs be, more regulation of the press in terms of their bias. Second, state funding of political parties. democracy needs to be paid for, not bought by a few rich men.

As for the Middle east. Israel's disproportionate response backed up by Bush has made me wonder whether there really is any possibility of peace, and further convinces me that running foreign policy on the basis of either religious destiny or collective guilt is not a good idea. if the Jews wanted a homeland, it shoud not have been at the expense of the inhabitants of that country, and not in the middle of hostile territory.
A two state solution is still the ideal. But can israel live alongside anyone without getting its own way on absolutely everything? Doesn't appear to be the case.

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