Saturday, May 13, 2006

The right to die and the misguided naivety of traditional Christianity

As expected, the Joffe Bill was defeated in the Lords. But the time will come where the clamour for legal, rather than undercover, dignity in death will come.

However, we first have to remove and undermine the influence of the harmful dogmas of Christianity. Over the past three months I have realised that I am no longer anu sort of conventional Christian, and that society would be infinitely better without the pernicious influence of the mainstream Church and its warped 'morality'. Humanism has infinitely more to offer, a religious humanism which is able to draw from that which is good in Christianity, whilst discarding the nonsense and the will to control which is the inevitable outcome of believing in a creator, directive, intervening God who we are somehow 'responsible' to and who wishes us to 'worship' as a person. God is a human creation. We can create a God of inclusivity and worth, or we can worship the Church Christian god of control and superstitious mumbo-jumbo

Its nonsense, dangerous, damaging nonsense too.

People should have the choice to determine their own death. There is no benefit in lauding life at all costs - if we remove people's freedom to choose one way or another, we demen humanity.

I shall be joining

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