Friday, February 10, 2006

By-elections , Everton and the Eurovison 2006!

An interesting result in last nights by-election. No real surprise for voters to have a bash at a Government during a third term, but it appears to me that in some areas such as education, New Labour appears to have dropped off the radar with regard to social democratic principles. We have our own local by-election in this ward in early March. The LibDem councillor who spearheaded their eventual success here was thrown off the council after a six month absence which itself followed a second drink driving conviction. By all accounts it was as a result of a technicality in that she hadn't given formal apologies.

I haven't as yet decided how I am going to vote - and it does appear rather incongrous that given the fact that local authorities directly provide very little these days and most councillors have no say at all in the policy direction of the authority, that the number of local concillors remains the same. The presence of a BNP candidate may increase the turnout. I hope they will be humiliated. The first example of their filth arrived through the door last week.

Everton are now out of the FA Cup after losing to Chelsea. No disgrace - everyone else loses at Stamford Bridge, but the match showed what can be done with plenty of cash. We were simply outclassed and outpaced. We need external investment - and urgently.

And Eurovision season is amongst us.
Selected so far (best to worst)
Norway - wonderful Celtic-influenced ethereal mid-paced ballad
Poland - catchy multi-lingual , well-sung pop
Albania - slightly ethnic, nice lazy feel
Malta - Pretty-boy Fabrizio is back, eye candy rating a 10 but the song is a bit bland
Estonia - yeawn
Slovenia - Retro disco stuff, camp and cliched

A couple of national finalists worth listening for - Irene Dorocheeva in Belarus, Cosmos in Latvia, Biber in Serbia/Montenegro, a couple of good ballads in Iceland, and Peter Evrard in Belgium (unlikely to be selected, unfortunately)

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