Friday, August 19, 2005

More Church nonsense

This time, its Bishopess of Europe, closet case Georgina Rowell, who has decided to admonish the Anglican chaplaincy in Riga for holding a service for Gay pride. With a baying mob, a coalition of conservative Christians and the neo-fascist far right, shreiking outside, Georgina thinks its more appropriate to moan that she hadn't been asked first whether they could hold the service (diddums) and to say not a word about the behaviour of thses Christianonazis outside.

Given that Georgina, like many of her ilk, loathes women priests - it would spoli their cosy closet boyz club - no doubt she will be far happier when she can de-CAMP to Rome.

Godd riddance to a hypocritical closet-case of the worst order.

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